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Software and Application Request

Our High-Performance Computing (HPC) systems are equipped with an extensive range of utilities, applications, and programming libraries, supporting a wide spectrum of research needs.

To ensure that your software request is processed swiftly and to avoid any delays or misunderstandings, it is crucial that the information provided is accurate and comprehensive. Incomplete or inaccurate details can lead to delays in the evaluation process or issues during the installation and testing phases. By ensuring you provide us with clear and precise information, you help us serve you better and faster, reducing the chances of implementing a tool that may not meet your research needs.

If there's a specific tool or software missing that you believe would enhance your scientific endeavor, we invite you to submit a request. To facilitate a more efficient assessment, we kindly request you to include the following details in your email to

  1. Software Name and Version: Please specify the exact name and the version of the software you would like us to consider.

  2. Download Link and Installation Manual: Please provide download links to the specific version and a link to the installation and usage manual.

  3. Purpose: Provide a clear and concise explanation of why this software is essential for your research. Include details about how it would enhance your work or fill a gap in our current offerings.

  4. Compilation Requirements: If the software needs to be compiled, kindly provide the preferred compiler and any specific flags or settings.

  5. Input Files for Testing: To ensure the software functions as intended, please provide sample input files for testing purposes.

  6. Expected Output: Describe what the expected output should look like when using the provided input files. This will allow us to confirm that the software is working correctly.

Your software suggestion will be evaluated based on its relevance, cost, effort, and potential benefits to the community.


We aim to address all software requests in a timely manner. However, depending on the complexity and the current volume of requests, the processing time might vary. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

For more in-depth information on software management, please consult our Environment Modules section.

Template message

You could use the following template as a guideline to write your software request message:

Subject: Software Installation Request: [Software/Application Name]

Software/Application Information:

- Software/Application Name: [Name of the Software/Application]
- Version: [Version Number]
- License Type: [e.g., Open Source, Commercial, Academic, etc.]
- Website/URL: [Website of the Software/Application, if available]
- Installation Instructions: [Provide a link or attach a document with the installation instructions]
- Purpose: [Briefly explain the purpose and the reason why you need this software/application]

Additional Dependencies: [List any additional software dependencies if known]

Special Configuration Notes: [Provide any special configuration notes or instructions if applicable]

- [x] I acknowledge that I have reviewed the software/application licensing requirements and confirm that the necessary licenses have been obtained.
- [x] I agree to comply with all applicable software licensing terms and conditions.

Should you possess the capability, we kindly request that you attach any pertinent forms or documentation that may serve as evidence of your ownership or authorized usage of the requested software.