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/data filesystem


Please take a look to our Backup Policy before start using Hyperion.


Unlike the /scratch filesystem, this filesystem is designed as permanent storage where all data not strictly necessary for current calculations can be stored. This includes results from previous calculations that have been published but still need to be retained.

Even this filesystem is also mounted on compute nodes, it is not a parallel filesystem exported over the Infiniband network like /scratch or /home, and it is instead exported using NFS through the 100Gbe management network. Therefore it has been mounted as read-only on the compute nodes, and the quota for the maximum number of files that a user can create in this filesystem has been set to 1.5 million.


This filesystem is mounted as read-only on the compute nodes


  • 3 TB of disk usage per user up to 3.2TB for one-day grace period.
  • 1.5 million files per user up to 1.8 files for one-day grace period.

Checking your usage on /data:

A disk usage quota of 3TB and 1.5 million files per user has been established on this filesystem. However, there is a grace period of one day during which these limits can be exceeded, allowing up to 3.2TB of disk usage and 1.8 million files.

Since there's no direct way to view disk usage per user on this filesystem (although the du -sh /data/$USER command can be used, it may be slow depending on the number of files), we have configured an alert system. This system will send an emai when users exceed their quotas and enter the one-day grace period.