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Home directories


Please take a look to our Backup Policy before start using Hyperion.


Your home directory is where you arrive by default when you login to the cluster or any access/login node. It is mounted on /home/username. It is intended to store configuration files, dotfiles and small a lightweight data. Your shell refers to it as “∼” (tilde), and its absolute path is also stored in the environment variable $HOME. Hyperion's home directory is specific to the cluster and the data stored here should be relatively small since it is meant to permanently store the most relevant information for your research. Note that various kinds of configuration files are also stored here: .bash_profile, .tcshrc, .vimrc, etc.

The /home filesystem is shared between the login nodes and the computing nodes.


By default home directories only allow access it's owner. This access can be sahred either with chmod command or making use of Access Lists (ACLs).


  • Disk usage: 50 GB
  • Max. files: 300.000

Check your usage on /home:

Since the usage of the /home filesystem is limited for each user to 50GB. It may be useful to check your occupation.

Keeping in mind that Hyperion cluster features three BeeGFS filesystems mounted (/scratch, /home and /data), three aliases have been created in order to check the quotas corresponding to each filesystem, being these getquota-home, getquota-scratch and getquota-data:

$ getquota-home

Checking quota in /home filesystem for user username

Quota information for storage pool Default (ID: 1):

      user/group     ||           size          ||    chunk files
     name     |  id  ||    used    |    hard    ||  used   |  hard
    username  |  xxxx||   56.00 KiB|      50 GiB||   262281|   300000


Remember that the number of files created in this filesystem is limited to 300.000